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Introducing CPD Central: the online CPD resource for technical staff and managers across all sectors to enhance the standards of professionalism. CPD Central simplifies recording and reflection, whilst allowing connectivity and direction from supervisors to tie in key objectives that align to both work and non-work-based activities. CPD recording has never been so easy.

Why is CPD important?

CPD helps individuals to manage their own development on an ongoing basis. Recognition of staff using CPD can help aid business models by introducing new opportunities, as well as retaining key skills. CPD can:

  Help develop and update professional knowledge
○  Uncover skills gaps
  Identify training needs
  Recognise an individual’s achievements

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Why should your teams use CPD Central?

For individual technicians, CPD Central enables simple and accurate recording of activities, anytime, anywhere, and allows them to reflect on their skills and training needs.

For institutions, it can help connect teams to set tasks and objectives and identify gaps in an individual’s skills and capabilities.

CPD Central has a key role in supporting technical career development; allowing individuals and teams to recognise current skills and abilities as well as identify skills gaps which can be addressed by targeted training and development opportunities.

Virtual meetings and telecommunications are provided for support from start to finish as you get to grips with CPD Central.

Find Out More

Get in touch! The CPD Central team is here whether you have a few initial questions or are ready for an in-depth chat about how we can support your institution. They can arrange a free virtual screen-share experience to look inside CPD Central, and talk you through our process of continually developing the software to meet your needs. Send us an email at: enquiries@cpdcentral.online and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.